For a Super Engaged Audience, Aim for Edutainment

In this era of constant distractions combined with higher expectations across the board, terms like “edutainment” are conceived every day as we try to define the higher bars we are all leaping over.

This couldn’t be truer in the event planning industry.

Education + Entertainment = Engaged Audiences!

People attend conferences to be educated, yes. But they expect to be entertained as well. No one wants to come away from a conference feeling overwhelmed by too much information that was delivered in an endless stream of dry, boring workshops and lectures. 

This is a new truth that can’t be ignored as you plan your next event and choose your speakers.

When you’re aiming for the edutainment factor at your event, it can be easy to go too far into the entertainment side of things. This leaves your guests feeling like they’ve been to a show but haven’t gained anything worthwhile.

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It’s important to strike a balance between education and entertainment

Ever since TED Talks came on the scene, the bar for keynote speeches and speeches, in general, has been raised. Attendees expect to be really impressed—no, blown away—by fascinating stories and funny anecdotes, sprinkled with inspiration as well as lots and lots of very useful facts and information. 

Ted Talk attendees leave those speeches feeling enriched as well as entertained.

Your choice of speakers makes all the difference when you want a focus on edutainment. 

It’s well documented that people of all ages learn best when they are engaged. 

Further, with university degrees having less and less value as the years go by, more people are interested in upgrading and learning new skills. 

A bachelor’s degree doesn’t cut it anymore. People in this workforce are now focused on constantly expanding their resumes and skillsets. Online free learning is more popular than it’s ever been.

Education is what people are looking for. More knowledge.

So when you are deciding on what speakers to hire for your next event, think carefully if you’re looking for the edutainment edge!

Choose speakers who not only have a smart message but are multi-talented as well. They’re not just a talking head, their presentations have flair and something unique to bring to your keynote stage. A speaker who combines education and entertainment at just the right balance will have your attendees laughing, clapping, singing or dancing while they are absorbing new knowledge.

When they think back on your event they will remember the fun they had, rather than the painfully boring keynote they listened to while trapped in a sea of attendees with their eyes glazed over. 

Search for speakers who focus on entertaining while they impart valuable knowledge. Some combine music with their speeches, or dancing, or comedy routines

And of course, contacting a speaker’s bureau is a great first step. Get in touch with us!

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