Edward E. Hearn
Edward E. Hearn

Illinois, United States

Edward E. Hearn

Illinois , United States

"Toastmaster’s 2006 International World Champion of Public Speaking"

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  • Communication
  • Inspirational
  • Motivation
  • Vision/Purpose
  • Youth/Children

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  • Corporate
  • Religious
$5,000 - $5,000

About Edward E. Hearn

Edward Hearn was born into a large family in Springfield, Illinois.  His father, Major Hearn, was a functionally illiterate factory worker who played a key role in making certain that all of his children pursued hard work and education as a way of escaping poverty and hopelessness.   His mother, Josephine, was a household domestic, who worked for a wealthy family, who after seeing promise in Ed’s desire to become an attorney, eventually decided to pay all of his college and law school expenses.    

After graduating from high school Ed attended Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois.  He completed his undergraduate studies and received a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Correctional Administration and a minor degree in English.  Following his undergraduate studies he was accepted at St. Louis University School of Law in St. Louis, Missouri, where he successfully completed his studies toward a Juris Doctorate degree (J.D.) in law.  

Upon completing his legal studies Ed moved to Chicago, Illinois where he took the Illinois State Bar Examination.  Faced with the challenges presented by the Bar Exam, Ed would fail six times before successfully completing all requirements in May of 1987, whereupon he was admitted to practice before the Illinois Supreme Court and the United States District Court.  His failures on the Bar Exam and the lessons learned in the process of completing his life-long goal of becoming a criminal attorney are a favorite subject in his motivational presentations.  

In the Fall of 1987 Ed sensed a strong passion to assist in his inner city church on Chicago’s South Side, and thereupon enrolled in Trinity Evangelical Divinity School to pursue a Master’s Degree in Urban Ministry.  His studies in Theology, as well as his license to practice law, have combined to give him a very unique and insightful view of the criminal justice system, as well as life in general.  

In June of 1990 Ed agreed to serve as the Senior Pastor of the Grace Conservative Baptist Church on Chicago’s south side.  The church consists of approximately 125 members from both the inner city, as well as the south suburbs.  A vital part of Ed’s mission as an inner city pastor, public speaker and attorney has been to challenge high school and college students toward developing their dreams and ambitions, as well as their ultimate life goals.  

In January of 2006 Ed decided to compete in the Toastmaster’s International World Championship of Public Speaking, an annual contest that is billed as the “World Series of Public Speaking”.  The event involves approximately 26,000 contestants from 30 different countries.  Ed roused the audience as well as a panel of 20 International Judges with his gift for speaking, and walked away with the First Place Trophy!  

Edward E. Hearn is living proof that failure is not final, and that we can all overcome life’s adversities, if we are willing to try.  His story is motivational, inspirational, and humorous, all at the same time!  His passion, love for life, and ability to touch the hearts and souls of an audience is also the primary reason Ed was crowned the 2006 World Champion of Public Speaking.   

Programs :

  • Bouncing Back From Adversity
  • The Courage to Try
  • Failure Is Not Final

ASSOCIATIONS member of Toastmasters International